Skin Whitening Tea – Spot Fading


Skin Whitening Tea – Spot Fading


  • Put 1- 2 teabags into a cup,
  • Pour the freshly boiled water into the cup
  • Allow soaking for approximately 5 minutes
  • Add a drop of honey or lemon juice
  • 30Bags


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Product Description

Skin Whitening and Sport Fading Tea is a natural health drink made from natural finest Chinese medicinal materials.No additives, with various effects such as: ‘Whitening the whole body, ’Delicate skin and improving sleep.

Applicable people: congenital and acquired black, yellow, dull skin and people who need skin whitenig all over the body. A traditional Chinese medicinal formula that reduces skin Melanin, Lightens your skin and helps to prevent the formation of spots. Make your skin more radiant and smooth.


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