Active Ingredients: Glutathione, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Collagen


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Authentic glutax 5gs micro cellular ultra whitening iv injection authentic glutax 5gs micro cellular ultra whitening iv-glutathione skin whitening anti-aging with collagen and alpha lipoic acid by dermedical skin sciences with more vrtamins to improve and repairing skin texture, more powerful, more faster result, more whitening! see the difference after the first injection! now, a fairer and whiter, pimple and acne free complexion can be yours! your beauty is in your hands, do not wait for more, feel and see the difference in 4 weeks! a smoother, clearer, flawless, younger, and whiter skin within, from inside-out…! whiten the skin faster and faster.glutathione content of the highest in the market.see the difference after the first injection. the result depends on individual metabolism.

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